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Heart- and mindful encounters

Group offer “Heart- and mindful encounters” 

From September 2022 we will meet once a month in English and French in a present and mindful manner.

In order to present the idea of this project I would like to (and may) quote the text of the website "Leben mit Raum":


"Be present. get into relationship.

listen actively, answer authentically.
Supported by these principles, transparent communication enables us to get in deeper contact with ourselves

and our fellow human beings and to harness the power of community in our life journey.

Speaking and listening, giving and taking become one when we really tune in to each other.
In the protected space of real relationships, our own inner space can also expand.
Shadow issues can gradually resolve themselves. New possibilities become visible. Living with space is created." 


In the neighboring town of Nittel, Sabine and Thomas Sauter offer an open practice group in German


During the two-hour evenings, we will practice transparent communication and make it noticeable to you;

woven into it are sounds , texts and meditations that facilitate encounters with you and others on a deeper level.

Participation fee : 10 € per evening. More information will follow upon registration. Please use the contact form to subscribe to my newsletter to be informed about the latest data.

Communication… a true art! How often do we experience misunderstandings, feel attacked, or misunderstood, not seen... In addition to our own glasses through which we perceive the world (our emotional world, our values, interpretations and memories, etc.), there are as well the glasses of the world of experience of our fellow human beings.


It is indeed an art to understand the other well. In order for this to succeed, it needs embodied presence in the moment, authentic words (and a certain amount of self-awareness 😉), compassion and connection. In addition, the experience of the exchange in the group resonance field offers a space that allows you to feel your own experience and the history of others much more deeply.

All of this brings us to an expanded form of perception that makes our relationship as a couple, our relationships with our children, friends, colleagues and all of our fellow human beings richer, deeper and more alive.

"Familiar communication expands by quantum leaps when we learn

to perceive the inner spaces of experience of the other person."

Thomas Hübl

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