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What we can realise together

If you decide to work with me, be aware that we are both involved in this process together. In order to bring some change in your life, it needs your willingness to open yourself up to what is coming up and to get involved. I also contribute with my knowledge and skills. And, our cohesion is very important for the success of our cooperation -  how we can talk to each other and how we understand each other.

My methods are...

... Carl Rogers' person-centered approach and Klaus Grawe's counseling psychology , creating a non-judgmental framework in which your feelings are appreciated.

Inner child work   : Together we pick up your inner children (of different ages) from where they are. In a gentle, warm-hearted way, I accompany you on this healing journey back to yourself to deepen your self-love.

… Approaches to behavioral therapy, psychotherapy oriented towards depth psychology, systemic therapy, hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic psychotherapy .

The Work by Byron Katie: deadlocked beliefs and thought patterns are questioned and put in a new light. The result is an expanded view of the world, especially of you and those around you, and the realization that our lives are mostly based on thoughts that we judge. If we manage to unmask this, we gain ease and self-empowerment.

... non-violent communication according to Marshall Rosenberg: In this sense, we explore your needs in order to bring you a little closer to yourself. The determination of viable strategies can be very helpful in meeting your needs and can make your life much easier and brighter.

... various techniques of different relaxation methods, such as MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique - a technique of tapping acupressure, which combines acupressure from traditional Chinese medicine with modern psychology), vagus nerve exercises to relieve the nervous system, hypno - and trance journeys , fantasy and sound journeys , progressive muscle relaxation and Reiki


Do you want to…

… live at ease?

... develop your self-reliance?

... deepen your self-love?

... feel yourself in your center even in turbulent times and go your way with (more) self-confidence?  

Then let's take the steps there together by

Dissolving blocking beliefs , inner resistance and old patterns

• Developing tools that help you to stand by your Inner child, especially in moments of crisis and triggers

• Focusing on signs of stress and overload and showing your nervous system how to regenerate

• Determining and formulating your needs and goals in various areas of your life

• Developing viable strategies that make it easier to meet your needs and achieve your goals in the long term

• Practicing methods that help you to center yourself and arrive present in the "here and now" or to open up oasis spaces in everyday life again.

• Opening up new sources of joie de vivre , because:


Every great journey begins with the first step!


Your reward might be to realize

that you yourself are the creator of your reality,

and that you can lead a fulfilling life in harmony

 with your own inner values.

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