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"We came to this earth to experience it all - the messy and the beautiful. Show me that you're human, I will kiss your scars,
celebrating everything, all that you are."



So sings the Swedish singer Fia and in her numerous songs she often speaks from my soul. How important it is to acknowledge that everything that is, including all of our emotional states, is part of being human.

In these times, when we believe we have to  constantly be available, the day starts right after getting up with messages and email checks, and that so many voices from outside babble around us, it is difficult to sense our own feelings, to feel  our self. Or , we consciously ignore our inner voice, because "we have to function."

It is close to my heart to see and appreciate you in your wholeness, with everything that is; with your feelings, your  cracks and everything that life has brought you so far.

I support you in accepting your experiences so that you can turn them back into empowering signposts.

Who are you?

You are a strong woman with a busy schedule, who takes care of the family and the children, still works 'on the side', and does not hesitate to bake cakes for brunch at your girlfriend's, although 'actually' there is no time for it. You seem overwhelmed by the myriad of things to do. You have everything it takes to be happy, and yet you feel empty inside and maybe even useless. Somehow the situation seems deadlocked.

And to be honest: You expected more from life...

Get in touch with me because I am sure:

there is still something going on ;-)!


But maybe you are also thinking while reading: No, my situation is completely different... and yet, yes, it's true - life is not going so smoothly at the moment and really not in a way that makes it feel fulfilling. Be that as it may - it's worth a try: Contact me and let's see together what your heart needs at the moment.

It seems it's time for a shift, right?

In place of the well-known
there is a new
Vivian Dittmar

Where I accompany you

I'm happy to support you...
  • selectively if necessary, if you are burdened by events such as loss,
    a separation, a serious diagnosis of illness, an examination, retirement, etc.

  • if you are repeatedly challenged in certain situations

  • in personal important decisions

  • in coping with critical life circumstances

  • in relationship conflicts in family and work

  • in the case of mental stress

  • bridging as short-term therapy if you are waiting for a therapy place, the costs of which are then covered by the health insurance company

  • in quiet phases of your life - if you feel like getting to know yourself in depth (this can be done in individual sessions or as part of the group offer "Heart- and mindful encounters")

  • also in ways that do not require many words (in a Reiki application)



Jana brings structure to my thoughts in a very empathetic way and has helped me a lot to find new solutions. You leave a conversation with her feeling positive and motivated.”


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