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Women's circle

Come into the circle, dear woman!

Since Mai 2023 on a Friday evening at 19.30 , once a month, in Wincheringen, in German language.

Here you can just be.

With tea and candlelight we gather and listen to each other,

let us get involved with each other, marvel, laugh, hold out and be held.

Maybe we'll sing, dance and cry too. Most probably, we will be dreaming.


We allow ourselves not to have to do anything and will experience first-hand that just being is enough.

For one evening we leave all responsibility behind and make room for ourselves.


Welcome to the circle of sisters. Welcome home, in the tribe!

My -Janas- vision for this room:

I am happy to open my space, and my heart ☺️, for our being together and get involved with my impulses.

In the circle we meet at eye level and I don't see myself as a teacher.


In this exchange and in this jointly created healing space, we strengthen ourselves on the way to even deeper self-acceptance,

and we experience how we bring calm and relaxation into the world with our apparent doing nothing and thus create peace.

We gather around the fire, as in primeval times, and experience ourselves as a tribe.

The young learn from the old. The old learn from the young.

We recognize the uniqueness of each individual.

If she wants to be there, bring your daughter, sister, mother, aunt, friend neighbor... with you.

If we like it, we get together once a month.

Energy balance: 15-20 € per evening if you are financially flexible.

10 € if it allows you to participate and makes your life easier.

Contact me if you would like to be there. I will be very happy to welcome you!

And if you are so busy that it is not possible to attend the evening event:

I am also open to a morning group if there is sufficient interest.

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