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My Background

Inner child work

Whenever we feel overly agitated in life, it is most likely triggering an inner child whose needs are in distress . Often this is not at all clear to us in the respective situation. Then we are very sad or terribly angry because the other person supposedly annoyed us or said or did something mean. In this situation we see ourselves as victims and the other as perpetrators .


It is at such a point that Inner Child work can be beneficial . Once we engage with the inner child, we are able to connect to a childhood situation where we did not feel seen or heard; and we also recognize that the other acted out of their own (perhaps sometimes unreflective) needs.

The good news is: We can still actively heal these invisible wounds as adults!

The "Healing Journey of the Inner Child", which I was taught by Eva Nitschinger, is her further development of "Rescuing the Inner Child" according to Gabriele Kahn.

Personally, I'm excited about this method because not only does it transform situations from the past , it also has a tangible impact on the future ! If we heal the wounds of our inner child, we will also be able to have better contact with our fellow human beings and we can learn to feel really comfortable with ourselves.


Contraindication: This work requires a certain stability on your side. Although we do not work in a revealing manner to avoid possible re-traumatization, we will first activate your resources and try out stabilization methods together. In this way we will find out whether this work can be productive for you.

"It's never too late for a happy childhood!"
Erich Kaestner

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