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My Background


Reiki ("universal life energy") is also known as Qi or Prana.

Reiki energy can reach anyone of any age. The reservoir of the body's own energy is replenished and harmonized through the supply of universal life energy. Receiving an application is a wonderful way to embark on a journey to your inner being and to find yourself in stillness.

Branche dans un bocal en verre

On the physical level, Reiki stimulates blood circulation, has a detoxifying, purifying and pain-relieving effect. The soothing warmth of Reiki stimulates the self-healing powers.

On the emotional level, Reiki brings relaxation, trust, joie de vivre, balance and harmony. Feelings are freed from blockages and a pleasant lightness sets in.

On the mental level, Reiki frees you from everyday stress and improves your ability to learn. Reiki allows the positive to grow, old thought structures can be let go. Invigorating power and mental clarity usually return after just one Reiki application.


I work intuitively on the basis of Dr. Mikao Usui taught method.

You should plan 1.5 - 2 hours for an application, as it usually also includes a chakra balancing. And give yourself the gift of planning enough time for yourself for the rest of the day, to let it work and follow up...

Costs: 100 – 120 min. Single application: 100 €, also possible as a gift voucher.

The treatments take place in Wincheringen or, on request and subject to availability, in Schweich. If you wish to have an appointment in Schweich,  an additional administration fee of €20 will be charged.

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