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Who I am


Originally, I had the impulse not to tell much about myself, since this work shouldn't be about me, but about you. At the same time, I know my own need to learn more about the people I come into contact with.

It's not easy for me to explain who I am. Again and again I ask myself "Who is this 'I'?". There is my role as a mother, as a partner, as a friend, as a consultant, the funny one, the sad one, the optimistic one, also the realist... ; the one who likes to try something new and at the same time loves traditions…; the one who likes to socialize and also likes to be alone...

I love people and wanted to get to know them. My life has allowed me to travel a bit: au pair time in Paris, tourism studies in Leipzig with a longer stay in the Indian Ocean, then my first job in Luxembourg (where I lived for 8 years), pilgrimages on the Spanish Way of St. James, some time in Tahiti and its atolls in the Pacific.

So I met innumerable people of different backgrounds and social situations , and I was able to feel early on that we are all One ; that we are all dealing with similar issues. Also that we, as humans, often find it difficult to accept the seemingly negative, feelings as well as experiences.

After a series of existencial crisis, both professionally and personally, it came clear to me:

I want to support people in classifying and clarifying their experiences, worries and doubts and in their search for the fulfillment of their meaning in life.

This also gave me the impetus to acquire the necessary skills. My last special educations and trainings were

The theoretical training as an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy and training in psychotherapeutic conversation and methods of short-term psychotherapy, here with influences from conversational therapy and its person-centered approach by Carl Rogers and counseling psychology by Klaus Grawe, from psychoanalysis, neurolinguistic therapy and hypnotherapy (both training courses: Institute for Communication and Health - Bernhard Tille, Bad Homburg & Institute for Therapeutic Training - Peter J. Winzen, Frankfurt).

At the same time, Eva Nitschinger gave me trauma knowledge and tools for resource activation as well as the healing journey of the inner child in her online academy. 

At that same time, it had already become clear to me that trauma is not just about going through and processing bad experiences, but also that our way of communicating and how we welcome people into our lives, give them space and perceive them, is a very crucial contribution to trauma processing and even for healing. I was able to learn this in the course 'Principles of Collective Trauma Healing' by and with Thomas Hübl (Inner Science), which moved me deeply. Since then I have been concerned with the subject of the nervous system and its way of storing traumatic experiences (even if they may sometimes be inconspicuous) and influencing our lives. I was able to deepen these insights by studying the work of Dr. Gabor Maté, Peter Levine and Ilan Stephani, just to name a few.

So I became aware that our body plays a major role in mental health .

When you work with me, you'll see what I mean.



The counseling sessions or Reiki applications do not replace medical ones
or classic psychotherapeutic treatment or trauma therapy.

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